The Best Types of Nail Polish Remover

by Nail Schools on May 31, 2012

Deciding whether to use acetone or non-acetone nail polish remover can be a crucial decision depending on the condition of your nails. In addition to chemical nail polish removers, jelly and macro-shimmer nail polish removers can easily dissolve stubborn nail polish. The trick to choosing the right nail polish remover is understanding the condition of your nails and what your nails require.

Using Acetone Nail Polish Remover

Acetone nail polish remover is effective for people who have strong and sturdy nails. Acetone nail polish remover is often the most affordable type of remover and can be purchased at the local drugstore. The cons with this nail polish remover is that the smell is unbearable and fumes can actually be toxic. Be sure to use this type of remover in an open area. Acetone is more powerful than non-acetone based removers, and it works well for quickly dissolving adhesive for acrylic or gel nails.

Using Jelly Nail Polish Remover

Jelly nail polish remover is an alternative for those with brittle and weak nails. Jelly remover also works well in removing acrylic nails. This nail polish remover works gently on brittle nails due to its non-acetone base.

Using Other Non-Acetone Nail Polish Removers

Non-acetone nail polish removers use ethyl acetate as the base. They do not dry out nails as much as acetone nail polish removers tend to do. The only drawback with non-acetone nail polish removers is that nail polish takes longer to remove. Non-acetone nail polish removers are preferable for people with nails that tend to chip.

Tips for Removing Nail Polish

Prior to applying nail polish remover to one’s nails, soaking nails in a dish of warm water for two to three minutes will help soften nail polish. The warm water helps prepare nails to absorb the nail polish remover.

Facial tissues, folded paper towel, and cotton balls work well for rubbing off nail polish with remover. A folded paper towel tends to take off nail polish is a much “smoother” way without the clumps that can occur with cotton balls. Instead of rubbing nails continuously with nail polish remover and a paper towel or cotton ball, try to simply hold the material doused in nail polish remover for 30 seconds on each nail. After 30 seconds has passed, then apply pressure to the material and slowly scrape the nail polish away from the nail.

A manicurist can help you decide which type of nail polish remover is best for use with your nails. You can simply visit your local salon and ask for a recommendation on the type of remover to use with your nails.

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