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Students must complete 1,500 hours of study and pass an exam issued by the Connecticut State Board of Cosmetology

In order to gain employment as a certified nail technician, individuals must complete the proper licensing requirements of the state of Connecticut. As stated by the Connecticut State Board of Cosmetology License Information, students seeking to obtain a cosmetology license are required to attend a Connecticut cosmetology school approved by the Board of Hairdressers and Barbers or a school supervised by the State Board of Education. Students must have a High School diploma or GED certificate and are required to complete 1,500 hours of study. After training is complete, students must pass an exam issued by the Connecticut State Board of Cosmetology.

To effectively gain personal and professional success in this field, students should establish a solid educational foundation in an accredited nail school. There are numerous state certified cosmetology schools that offer an excellent vocational education including, but not limited to therapeutic aspects of manicuring, cleanliness and sanitation standards and requirements, proper technique and customer satisfaction while meeting the industry quality standards. Professionals increase their earning power based on experience, education and holding bachelors and masters degrees, as well. An individual’s key to success in any field is to stand out above all the rest.

Career outlook for Connecticut nail technicians

Individuals interested in a rewarding career field may want to consider the industry of cosmetology. The personal service industry is rapidly rising to meet the demands of the growing spa and salon trade. The need for qualified professionals is ever-increasing and offers many opportunities, not excluding the nail trade. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports, based on population compared to the rest of the United States, the cities of Bridgeport, Norwich, New Haven and Hartford, Connecticut hold the highest nail technician employment opportunities in the state with a projected increase for employment of 28 percent by 2016. Labor statistics also indicate that 90% of all manicurists in this industry receive a $14.92 hourly income and earn an annual wage of $29,000.00, as of May 2011.

The State of Connecticut, whose nickname is widely known as “The Constitution State” is the first state to adopt the constitution, establishing a representative government. Discovered by the Dutch, its first permanent settlements were made by English Puritans beginning in 1633. The state enjoys a $4 billion-a-year tourism business, primarily due to its 250-mile shoreline, rolling hills and Connecticut River Valley. In addition to its dozens of golf courses, fishing, boating and swimming activities, visitors may also enjoy the many attractions available. Connecticut offers some of its most popular destinations including Mystic Seaport, Connecticut River cruise ships and is the home to the world renowned author, Mark Twain.

According to the BLS 90% of all manicurists receive a $14.92 hourly income or an annual wage of $29,000.

While no career study program can guarantee a particular career or salary, certified and professional training is an intelligent move forward towards a bright future working in the nail technician industry. In addition, Connecticut offers a beautiful and historical area to discover while pursuing your education and career in this field. is your Connecticut cosmetology resource

Whether you already live in Connecticut or want to move to Connecticut to attend nail school, there are many cosmetology schools offering nail courses that will provide the training and experience you need to become first an apprentice and then a licensed nail technician.

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