What is the Typical Nail Technician Curriculum?

For someone who enjoys working with people and giving manicures and/or pedicures, a job as a bail technician might be ideal. If you’re curious about what the job and curriculum entails, you should read on for the answers to your questions.

  • What type of program should an aspiring nail technician enroll in?
This varies depending on the school you attend. You may be presented with the option to complete a program to earn a nail technician certification or to earn your associate’s degree in cosmetology with a special emphasis in manicures and pedicures
  • What will I learn that is directly related to being a nail technician?

You’ll learn the proper sanitation techniques, so you have a clean and sanitary work area, and you avoid giving your client any type of infection. This aspect of training usually centers around EPA and OSHA regulations. You’ll also learn the laws associated with the industry, as well as product knowledge. Since the program deals mainly with learning how to style nails, you’ll learn how to give manis and pedis, in addition to how to apply acrylics and other nail techniques.

  • What other information can I expect to learn in a nail technician program?

You can expect to take an anatomy and physiology class, which will educate you on bone structure and skin composition. During this class, you’ll also learn about conditions of the skin, in particular those related to feet and hands. Many programs also supply you with business management or salon management classes that will prepare you to own your own salon and be able to manage staff, finances and other aspects of your business.

  • As a nail technician, where can I expect to get a job?

Nail technicians are needed in beauty salons, nails shops, spas or even out of your own home.

  • What will a typical workday look like for me?

During an average day as a nail technician, you’ll give manicures, apply tips and give pedicures. You’ll be responsible for the entire manicure or pedicure process, including nail cleaning, pushing back cuticles, cutting nails, filing them, applying artificial nails or tips and adding color or design.

  • How much can I expect to earn as a nail technician?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that manicurists and pedicurists make an average of $10.61 per hour, excluding tips. The upper 90 percent of top-paid manicurists and pedicurists make $14.71 hourly, not taking into consideration tips.

  • Besides working as a nail technician, what can I do with my certificate or degree?
This depends on the education you acquired. With an associate’s degree in cosmetology, you have the ability to work in other aspects of cosmetology. If you’re looking to advance your career, you can become a shop manager, teach cosmetology school or open your own shop.