Beyonce’s Blue Ivy Tribute Now The Hot Nail Trend

by Nail Schools on October 6, 2012

This autumn, cobalt blue has turned out to be one of the top trends in nail polish colors. Various designers have made it clear that cobalt blue is owning the fashion world this fall fashion season. Designers like Donna Karan, Armani and Vivienne Westwood have used cobalt blue in their latest collections. From cobalt blue dresses to cobalt blue nail polish, it is clear that this nail polish color is ruling the fashion world.

The name Blue Ivy was picked because it is music to Jay-Z and Beyonce’s ears.

Beyonce Knowles is the first celebrity who was spotted wearing cobalt blue. After giving birth to her daughter and naming her Blue Ivy Carter, Beyonce took to the streets wearing a nail polish called Blue Ivy. The creator of this nail polish color was Nail Inc. Baker Street. There are a variety of nail polish manufacturers that have now created their own version of the cobalt blue polish. Shoppers can now find a cobalt blue edition from nail polish manufacturer Essie.

Rimmel also has its own take on the cobalt blue trend. Rimmel has released a “crack” version of the nail polish that gives a distressed look to nails. This color would look great with a vintage t-shirt and pair of jeans. This color is the ultimate “hipster” color.

Cobalt blue heels are also all the rage. When you want to make your outfit stand out in a crowd, cobalt blue heels will do the trick this autumn season. Cobalt blue heels have look that is subtle and sexy. They are the perfect way to make one’s outfit gain an extra touch of elegance.

If you are still looking for other ways to add some cobalt blue to your fashion choices, then think about investing in a piece of cobalt blue jewelry. A ring with a cobalt blue jewel will make you look stunning, whether you are wearing a floor-length gown or a pair of distressed jeans.

It is no wonder designers like Missoni and Tory Burch have added a few pieces of cobalt blue accessories to their latest collections. This color just has an understated elegance to it that is truly beautiful. It adds a certain amount of gracefulness to any outfit, and it just has a lovely appeal for women. When you want to feel sophisticated in the city, adding a cobalt accessory to your outfit will always add that final touch of city glamor to your outfit.

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