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Idaho State Board of Cosmetology requires 400 classroom hours prior to licensure.

Studying at one of the accredited nail schools in Idaho lays the foundation for students to earn their professional license. The state protects consumers with a thorough cosmetology licensing program and requires licensed professionals to attend a set number of hours at a local school. Students can learn more about nails at one of the state’s accredited schools. Practical experience is gained during classes, and most schools allow students to work on nails in a professional setting. In addition, nail schools in Idaho offer a number of other courses. Many students learn the fundamentals of cutting and styling hair, esthetics and the art of make-up application.

The Idaho State Board of Cosmetology is in charge of nail technician licenses around the state. The board has a strict program in effect and requires 400 classroom hours prior to licensure. Apprentices need to have at least 800 hours before a license will be considered. In addition, applicants need to be at least 16.5 years-old and finished two years of high school. In lieu of high school, the state considers alternative tests and GED levels. Cosmetologists are also licensed by the state, and Idaho requires 2,000 classroom hours for professionals. Estheticians need to have 600 hours in the class or 1,200 hours in an apprentice program. Most nail schools in Idaho offer a variety of classes, and students can learn about cosmetology and esthetics as well.

Career outlook for Idaho nail technicians

Nail technicians earn a rewarding salary, and there are some bright spots in the industry. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) keeps a detailed record of job growth in various industries. The BLS expects national demand for licensed cosmetologists and other beauty parlor employees to increase by nearly 16 percent over the following decade. This feature should ensure that there are plenty of job opportunities and help keep salaries at their current levels. Many nail techs own their own salon and work for themselves. Salon owners usually earn quite a bit more than the national average. The BLS currently pegs national salaries at $26,460. This is the average for cosmetologists across the board. The agency does not break down individual categories. Lead nail technicians can earn as much $42,000 per year in Idaho.

In Idaho nail technicians wages were $26,460 annually with lead technicians averaging $42,000 per year.

Applying to one of the accredited nail schools in ID is a great career choice. Schools teach the theoretical foundation that is essential for professional licensure. Students can get hands on experience and learn valuable professional techniques during their education. After school, graduates are eligible to apply for the state nail technician license. This license requires 400 hours in the class. Most schools teach other subjects, and students can enhance their career options with a variety of cosmetology classes. Esthetics is also offered at many nail schools in ID. The BLS expects salaries to remain high over the next decade, and many employees move on to own their own beauty salon. is your Idaho cosmetology resource

Attending nail schools in Idaho is a great way to further a career. The state is one of the most livable and offers plenty of urban and rural living opportunities. In the last census, there were 1,584,985 residents around the state. Most of the residents live in one of the urban areas, and the Boise Metro area has close to 600,000 residents. Boise is a leading city and offers plenty of opportunities for students to enjoy their free time. There is plenty of dining and night life, and the state is also known for its recreational opportunities. Nearly 60 percent of the state’s land is held by the Bureau of Land Management and the National Forest Service. Outdoor recreation is abundant, and Coeur d’Alene is one of the leading outdoor recreation centers.

Whether you already live in Idaho or want to move to Idaho to attend nail school, there are many cosmetology schools offering nail courses that will provide the training and experience you need to become first an apprentice and then a licensed nail technician.

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