Follow the Yellow Brick Road Nail Trend

by Nail Schools on October 27, 2012

When you want to rock a unique manicure, the yellow brick road pattern is one of many options that you have. The yellow brick road pattern features two different shades of yellow and a funky half-circle pattern. To create this pattern on your own nails is easy, and you can follow the tips outlined here. If you just can’t stand the thought of doing your own nails, then you can also bring these instructions to a local manicurist, and he or she will be able to help you achieve this cool look.

1. Buy two different shades of nail polish color.

To start creating this look, you will first need to buy two different shades of yellow nail polish. You may also mix up this look and paint your nails with a bold yellow color and cream color.

2. Apply the base coat of color.

After you purchase the nail polish colors, then your next step will be to apply three coats of base color to your nails. You should try to pick a very light color for the base color. When the base coat dries, then you will be able to apply a coat of the bold yellow color that you have.

3. Apply the pattern tape to your nails.

There are two ways in which you can get the actual “yellow brick road” shape on your nails. First, you can simply use pattern scissors to cut small bits of tape to apply to your nails. With this option, you will apply a small segment of tape in a diagonal fashion to each of your nails. You will then need to paint over each nail with a bold yellow color. The other option is simply painting half-circles directly onto your nails. With this option, you can simply use bold yellow nail polish to paint half-circles. You should use a steady hand in order to get the full “yellow brick road” look. It is probably a better idea to use pattern scissors and tape to achieve the pattern that you want.

4. Apply top-coat acrylic polish to your nails.

The last step that you should follow is to apply acrylic nail polish to your nails. This will give your nails that gorgeous, shined look.

By following the tips outlined here, put on some Pink Floyd and enjoy your “yellow brick road” nail pattern. Your nails will look incredible with this pattern.

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