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With, you can easily find the school that can help you achieve your goal for a new career. If you enjoy working with people and helping them feel and look better, a nail career can be perfect for you.

During your studies at a nail school, you will cover a wide range of nail technology. Cutting, shaping and buffing nails will be covered as well as how to polish and apply artificial nails. You will also learn about skincare, including the removal of callouses, treating dry skin and other skin-related problems. The nail technician certification course will teach you about disinfecting your work station and sanitation as well.

The state of Montana requires 350 hours of training in an approved school of manicuring.

You need to spend some time checking out the different nail schools in Montana. Each school will cover the basic requirements, however you also want to consider taking some other courses that can help you offer more to your clients and potentially your employer once you get your license. This includes nail art, massage as well as various aesthetic services such as waxing.

When you have completed the certification course, you are ready to get licensed from the state. The Montana licensing board requires that you have at least 350 hours of training from an approved manicuring school. You must also pass the Montana Board-approved manicure exam with a score of 75% or higher. This exam is both written and practical. You must also pay a licensing fee and be at least 18 years of age.

Career outlook for Montana nail technicians

Upon receiving your license, you have many career options. Many manicurists and pedicurists choose to work in a spa or salon setting. Depending on your schedule and the location you work at, you may be requested to work nights or weekends. Over 30% of licensed nail technicians are also self-employed. This is an option that you may want to consider based upon your career goals.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the job outlook for manicurists is in line with many other careers around the country. You can anticipate an approximated 17% growth in the industry between now and 2020, which is a common pattern with other careers. The chances of you being able to be employed as a manicurist somewhere in the state of Montana therefore is high.

In Montana, nail technicians wages were $20,100 annually.

In terms of earning potential, the average nail technician around the country earns a salary of around $19,650 annually. In Montana, this number goes up to about $20,100. You have control over your earnings based on your experience, your schedule availability and the variety of services that you offer. If you work in an area of Montana where there are a lot of farms and dude ranches, you may be able to entice those who are getting their hands dirty to treat themselves to your care on the weekends.

Nail technicians can be found all over the state of Montana. You need to focus on finding a great nail school that has the classes when you want to take them. After enrolling in the certification program and completing the necessary hours, you will be able to get licensed. From there, you have the opportunity to start your career in a number of settings based upon your own personal goals and the services that you wish to offer. is your Montana cosmetology resource

You can study to become a nail technician in the state of Montana and have a number of career opportunities ahead of you. Often called Big Sky Country, you can lose yourself in the expansive skies at night regardless of where you decide to study for your nail care. You may wish to practice near the Rocky Mountains or opt for the city life in the state capital of Helena. When you find the ideal nail school for you, you can learn what you need to in order to get your career started.

Whether you already live in Montana or want to move to Montana to attend nail school, there are many cosmetology schools offering nail courses that will provide the training and experience you need to become first an apprentice and then a licensed nail technician.

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