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With, you can easily find the school that can help you achieve your goal for a new career. If you enjoy working with people and helping them feel and look better, a nail career can be perfect for you.

If you enjoy working with people and helping them feel and look better, a nail career is perfect for you. As a nail student in Alabama, you’ll complete 750 hours of cosmetology training as required by the Alabama Board of Cosmetology. This training will prepare you for a career as a manicurist. Before you can begin work, you must pass a state exam within 90 days of completing your training.

Nail students in Alabama are required to take 750 hours of training before taking the state test.

To enroll in nail school in Alabama, you must be at least 16 years of age and have at least a 10th grade education. In nail technician school, you’ll learn the basic techniques of nail care, such as filing and shaping nails, painting finger and toenails, using various nail colors and coverings such as acrylics and gels, and performing manicures and pedicures. You’ll also learn about the workings of a salon environment, including safety and sanitation. Many nail technicians also learn massage skills to offer foot, calf and hand massages to clients. A popular feature of nail schools is the learning and practice of nail art.

All of this training combined will turn you into a professional, skilled and experienced nail technician ready to embark on a career making people feel better about themselves and their appearance. If you love doing nails, this is the perfect career route for you.

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Career outlook for Alabama nail technicians

As you may already know, becoming a nail technician provides you with not only a personally fulfilling job, but also the opportunity for a financially rewarding job. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), 56,270 manicurists and pedicurists are employed nationwide, and over 300 manicurists are employed in Alabama, with a mean income of $22,360 annually in Alabama, compared to the national mean annual wage of $21,760 for manicurists. However, salon workers have the perception of under-reporting their income and tips to avoid taxes.

Alabama has more than 300 manicurists with a 2.7% higher median wage.

The BLS website breaks down the industries in which nail technicians work. Most manicurists and pedicurists work in personal care services, with a mean national income of $21,520. Other industries where nail technicians work include traveler accommodations, with a mean income of $27,860; recreation and amusement industries classified as “other,” with a mean income of $26,660; department stores, where manicurists and pedicurists make a mean national annual wage of $25,070 and health and personal care stores, where the mean wage nationally is $20,380. The top paying industries for manicurists are physician offices, with a mean income of $29,330; followed by traveler accommodation, amusement and recreation, shoe stores, all with a mean income of $26,580 and then department stores. is your Alabama cosmetology resource

Located in the deep South, Alabama is a charming and beautiful state. Known as the “Heart of Dixie,” Alabama offers beautiful architectural, engaging history, rolling mountains and beautiful beaches on the Gulf of Mexico. With diverse urban areas such as Mobile and Birmingham, college towns including Auburn, and smaller cities and towns, Alabama offers a unique work and school environment for almost any taste.

Whether you already live in Alabama or want to move to Alabama to attend nail school, there are many cosmetology schools offering nail courses that will provide the training and experience you need to become first an apprentice and then a licensed nail technician.

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