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The practice of manicurist involves the cleaning, shaping, and polishing of nails and massage of the lower extremities of the arms and legs. In the State of Iowa the work of a nail technician does not include application of nail extensions, artificial nails or pedicures. A manicurist legally working in Iowa is licensed by The Iowa Department of Public Health.

With, you can easily find the school that can help you achieve your goal for a new career. If you enjoy working with people and helping them feel and look better, a nail career can be perfect for you.

Career outlook for Iowa nail technicians

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics future job opportunities in the field of Cosmetology overall are expected to be good in the U.S. with anticipated openings for 100,800 new jobs and growth of 16% nationwide, with competition being greatest for jobs and clients in the relatively few salons which are highest paying.

The relatively recession-proof profession of manicurist presents opportunities for new students to learn the practice in Iowa where good national job growth prospects exist and there is a beautiful location in the Midwest to work once licensing in achieved.

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Iowa Workforce Information Network prepares an applicant for a licensing exam through a 40-hour training course

According to the Iowa Workforce Information Network schooling prepares an applicant for a licensing exam through a 40-hour training course from an approved school of cosmetology arts and sciences and involves 26 hours of theory and 14 hours of applied instruction. Eight hours of continuing education are required biennially, with four of those hours being in the prescribed practice discipline of manicurist to qualify for a license renewal. An application fee applies for the duration of a two year term, with a fee for renewal, a fee for the exam and an Iowa Law fee. There is a small additional fee for a temporary permit.

Further license requirements include submission of an official transcript of grades in the practice for which a license is requested or proof of diploma from a school that has been licensed by the board, or if the school is not licensed the course must meet the study requirements. A national exam for licensing must be passed with a score of 75% or greater. An applicant will register for an exam directly with the testing service and pay the exam fee. Those who were educated outside of the U.S. must submit an original evaluation of the applicant’s education from the World Education Services or any other accredited evaluation service. The WES provides applications for evaluation directly. Other possibilities include an application by endorsement, according to its own particular set of rules. is your Iowa cosmetology resource

Nail Schools are numerous in the State of Iowa and is also known as The American Heartland. Its largest city and the state’s capitol is in Des Moines where schools teaching nail technology can be sought for learning to become a licensed manicurist. Noteworthy schools of beauty including a state school of beauty are also located in Ottumwa, Sioux City, Omaha and Mason City, among others central locations.

Whether you already live in Iowa or want to move to Iowa to attend nail school or learn nail trends, there are many cosmetology schools offering nail courses that will provide the training and experience you need to become first an apprentice and then a licensed nail technician.

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