Nail Technician Job Description

ts-80375492Every year, thousands of people all over the United States become certified and practicing nail technicians. Looking good is linked to feeling good no matter what the state of the economy, and the nail technician business has proven to be virtually recession-proof. Becoming a nail technician is an excellent career choice for folks that love working with their hands and mingling with the public. Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions regarding being a nail technician.

Once I am certified and ready to be employed, where should I look for work?

Initially, most nail technicians choose to find work at nail salons. An independent operation is the eventual goal of many that enter into the field, but even the most naturally skilled and gregarious folks often begin their careers by soaking up as much knowledge and experience as possible as an employee.

How many hours should I expect to work in a typical week?

Many nail salons open in the late morning and do not close their doors until the late evening, so a full eight hour work day and 40 hour work week is entirely possible. Most nail technicians work between 28-32 hours per week.

What does a nail technician do in a typical day of work?

In a typical eight hour workday, a nail technician will perform work on a few dozen hands and toes. Procedures include manicures, pedicures, artificial nail fastening and filing, nail shaping, cuticle grooming, nail polishing and detailed nail art. The pace of work is often slow and delicate in a nail salon and the environment is typically peaceful and uplifting.

Do I need to be highly skilled as an artist to be a good nail technician?

No. Natural artistic skill can only help, but as long as you have a steady hand and are able to learn techniques and identify trends, you’ll do fine. Once you begin working on nails for several hours per day, you’ll be amazed at how quickly your skills progress.

How much money can a nail technician make?

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the average full-time nail technician can expect to make about $24,000 a year.

Should I be striving for my own nail salon or independent practice?

This is obviously a matter of preference. Many nail technicians carve out excellent lives for themselves working as a member of a team in a popular nail salon while others have their sights set on being an owner. The trick to opening a successful nail salon is finding a location that will provide constant traffic and customers without landing in an area that is already over-saturated.