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To become a nail technician in Utah, you must go through a training and certification program. You’ll learn in a classroom and supplement this with supervised field training. Once you finish the apprenticeship, you’ll take a final exam and will then be eligible to be a certified nail technician in Utah. You will complete 375 total hours of training to become a nail technician. This includes classroom training in the techniques of nail technology and supervised practical training, or field experience using the learned techniques. The classroom training is referred to as theory and the practical, hands-on training is referred to as apprenticeship. Your instructor will hold a Utah instructor license in nail technology or barber/cosmetology and will usually teach nail technology in a nail or cosmetology school.

Your training will include the basics of shaping and filing nails, applying finishes including acrylics and gels, giving manicures and pedicures, and possibly massage techniques for foot, calf and hand. You’ll learn about salon techniques, safety and sanitation and everything you need to know to be a successful nail technician.

Utah nail technicians must complete 375 hours of class time in an accredited school.

To become a nail technician, you must be at least 16 years of age and have at least a 10th grade education. To become a nail technician in Utah after you complete your training, you must apply for licensure with the Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing. This application must include your name and address, your Social Security number, a listing of nail schools attended, and results of all theory exams and apprenticeships. The licensing fee to become a nail technician in Utah is $60.

What do you get from all of this training and licensing? You get the opportunity to work with your hands and help people feel better about themselves and look better. You get to work with people and make a difference in other people’s lives, and you get to make a good living doing what you love.

Career outlook for Utah nail technicians

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), nail technicians nationwide have a mean annual income of $21,760, with a low end of $16,670 and a high end of $29,990. Manicurists and pedicurists in Utah make a mean annual income of $25,080.

Where do nail technicians work? The top paying industries for nail technicians are physicians’ offices, traveler accommodations, recreation and amusement industries, shoe stores and department stores. The industries employing the most manicurists and pedicurists are personal care services, traveler accommodations, recreation and amusement, department stores and health and personal care stores.

In Utah, nail technicians wages were on average $25,080 annually.

With your nail technician license you can work in any of these industries or in a dedicated nail salon. If you aspire to own your own nail salon someday, your nail technician’s license is the first step toward becoming a business owner and reaping even greater rewards from your training in nail technology. is your Utah cosmetology resource

Utah, a western state with beautiful landscapes, offers a variety of activities, including hiking, water parks, golfing, historical sites, and a great deal of art to admire. If you’re interested in studying nail technology in Utah, you will have the option later of opening your own nail salon or working for someone else in their salon. You may even get the opportunity to do nails for some of the gorgeous Mormon weddings held in the temples in Utah.

Whether you already live in Utah or want to move to Utah to attend nail school, there are many cosmetology schools offering nail courses that will provide the training and experience you need to become first an apprentice and then a licensed nail technician.

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