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Students may need to have a basic understanding of math and English before he or she is accepted into one of the nail schools in Tennessee. Some schools require a high school diploma or GED, but this depends on the individual facility. While attending school, students learn more about the art and technique of styling nails. Classes are held on polish and removal, and most students get plenty of hands-on experience. In addition to nails, students can learn more about the cosmetology industry. Most nail schools offer a variety of courses and may teach about hair cutting and styling. This knowledge is essential for a professional career, and students can learn from experienced instructors. Classes cover modern techniques and rely on the latest beauty parlor equipment. Many universities have beauty parlors on campus to faciliate the practical aspect of a nail tech education.

Tennessee nail technicians must complete 600 hours of class time in an accredited school.

The state of Tennessee has a comprehensive licensing program in effect. Nail techs need to meet the state’s educational requirements before he or she earns a professional license. Nail technologists need to have 600 hours of classroom work. This educational requirement is met by one of the state’s accredited nail schools. In addition, applicants need to be 16-years-old and must pass a comprehensive written and practical examination. The test covers information that is supplied during a student’s education. Cosmetologists and estheticians are also licensed by the state. Most nail schools offer classes for these subjects as well, and many nail techs attend cosmetology and esthetics classes too. Tennessee requires cosmetologists to have at least 1,500 class hours, and estheticians need to complete 750 hours.

Career outlook for Tennessee nail technicians

Enrolling in a Tennessee nail school is a proactive career choice. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) keeps detailed records of career information around the nation, and the agency expects cosmetology demand to increase by nearly 16 percent over the next decade. This should keep wages high and ensure that students have a chance at employment after graduation. The BLS reports that the national average salary for cosmetologists was $10.82 per hour as of May, 2010. This is the national average, and different geographic areas have unique pay scales. Tennessee is one of the best states to work in, and nail techs can expect to earn more in Memphis than in a rural town.

In Tennessee, nail technicians wages were on average $22,500 annually or $10.82 per hour.

Deciding to enroll in one of the accredited nail schools in TN is a great way for adults to improve their economic situation. Living in Tennessee is a great way to enjoy abundant outdoor recreation and cultural opportunities. There are several large cities in the state that offer shopping, dining and cultural activities. While attending school, students can spend off time in the local community. In addition, students can graduate with the credentials required to earn a Tennessee cosmetology, esthetics or nail tech license. The cosmetology industry is rapidly growing, and experts at the BLS expect demand to increase by double digits by 2020. Heightened demand should keep salaries high and ensure plenty of job opportunities. Nail technicians earn a rewarding salary. Many technicians also open beauty parlors in the state, specialize in nail trends and have unlimited earning potential. is your Tennessee cosmetology resource

Applying to one of the accredited nail schools in Tennessee is a great way to boost career earning power. Tennessee is a great state to live, work and play in. There are plenty of metro areas, and rural living is abundant as well. Memphis is the largest city, and the Nashville Metropolitan Area is the largest metro area. Memphis is famous for its role in rock-and-roll and blues music. Memphis’ Beale Street is considered by many to be the birthplace of the blues. In addition, Memphis was the home of Sun Records. This was a leading label that gave Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash and Roy Orbison their first deal.

Whether you already live in Tennessee or want to move to Tennessee to attend nail school, there are many cosmetology schools offering nail courses that will provide the training and experience you need to become first an apprentice and then a licensed nail technician.

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