Breaking the Law with Neon Nails

by Nail Schools on June 5, 2012

While wearing neon nail polish has always been a bit risqué and cutting-edge, who knew that this nail polish actually breaks the law in the United States? Hot pink, neon green and bright yellow have been popular neon nail polish colors for decades, but only recently has the truth come out regarding the scandalous nature of these nail polishes in the United States.

The reason that neon nail polishes are “against the law” is due to their chemical composition. The specific shades that are used to create neon nail polishes have never been registered with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States. Because these shades have failed to be registered, manufacturers in the United States cannot legally create these nail polishes and distribute them to department stores, pharmacies and beauty salons. Instead, all of the neon nail polishes that one sees in a store are actually manufactured by foreign companies and in other countries.

Small businesses have been able to successfully get away with producing neon nail polishes and marketing them in retail stores. Large corporations are unwilling to risk the possibility that the FDA may charge them extensive fines for producing products without the appropriate patent. Anyone is able to attempt to obtain approval for neon shades of nail polish. Many small businesses choose not to go through the approval process because it is very expensive.

While neon nail polish may be illegal in the United States, consumers can still find their favorite shades of electric blue and bright orange at the local department store or pharmacy. Stores are not going to stop selling these shades anytime soon. Because they are completely legal to purchase from other countries, stores will still be carrying them on their shelves.

Given that neon nail polish is the upcoming trend for Summer 2012, stores will be stocking up on these shades to meet the high demand from fashion-wise shoppers. The hottest neon nail polish trend for this summer will be sporting hot pink nails and toe nails. Hot pink remains to be the top seller out of all of the neon nail polish colors.

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