All About Acrylics: How to Care For Those Beautiful New Nails!

by Nail Schools on May 25, 2012

For those who aren’t blessed with strong, perfect nails, or who love to look good when they go out but can’t keep their nails long, acrylic nails can be a godsend. These artificial tips attach to your nails with acrylic powder and a sealant, leaving you with long, beautiful nails! It’s important to understand, though, that you can’t care for acrylic nails in the same way you do natural ones. Here’s a quick guide on everything you need to know:

Use Non-Acetone Remover for Removing Polish
Typical acetone removers, as we will see later, remove not only the polish but the acrylic nail itself. This means that your typical acetone polish remover will destroy your beautiful new nails! Not to worry, though; non-acetone removers are easily available. They are less abrasive to your skin and nails. Gently applying this remover to your nails takes a little longer, but the process leaves your acrylic nails intact, in good shape, and ready for another color or design!

Use Acetone Polish Remover to Remove Nails
Acetone polish removers actually destroy acrylic nails. The same chemical processes that soften up your natural nails do the same to acrylic ones. The difference is that once the acrylic dries, it will crack and break. All of this means that acetone remover is actually great for removing acrylic nails altogether! Simply cut off as much nail as you can, then soak the bonded section in a bowl of acetone polish remover. Once the bond is dissolved, your nails will be solely your own again.

If You’re Inexperienced, Consider Using a Beauty Professional
If all of this makes you a bit nervous, then you might consider seeing a professional beauty expert to change polishes or remove acrylic nails. The added experience and extra precautions of a professional ensure a safe, clean experience, reducing the likelihood of damaging your nails. And who wants that?

Don’t Change Designs Obsessively!
Repeated polishings do weaken acrylic nails due to the chemicals involved in changing. As your nails grow, you will need to periodically fill in the gaps between your nails and the acrylic nail bed. Wait until the gap needs painting before you change designs. This is the best way to make sure your acrylic nails last longer and stay strong and healthy!

Hopefully these tips have given you some acrylic nail how to do tips and help you learn to care for your them. Try them out, and see if you don’t enjoy your experience!

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