Five Tips for Buying the Best Nail Polish

by Nail Schools on May 17, 2012

Develop a nail polish collection full of high quality polishes in colors that are lovely and wearable. Don’t let any duds that will go unused until they spoil with age and need to be discarded creep into your collection.

Plan to Pay More for Quality

Some nail polish can be acquired at extremely low prices, but cheap polish isn’t always the best. A cheap polish of questionable quality can quickly find its way to the bottom of your junk drawer. You don’t need to go for the most expensive polish, but expect to pay a bit more to get better quality.

Put Polish to the Test

It can be difficult to tell what a polish is really like based on its bottle. To avoid getting home and discovering that your newest polish isn’t quite right, test it out before buying. Shake the bottle, open it and pull the brush out to look at the color and consistency of the polish. Paint a small test area on your nail or on paper in order to get a true sense of the polish’s color and quality.

Be Loyal to Brands

Finding a brand and sticking with it can help remove the guesswork. Don’t buy a bunch of one brand until you’ve tried one and liked it, but do expect a brand to be consistently good once you have tried it and do like it.

Purchase with Purpose

Don’t fall into the trap of purchasing a pretty, high quality polish you truly have no use for. Choosing colors that work well with your skin tone and items in your wardrobe ensures that you will get use out of your polishes, and wearing different colors for different occasions can help expand the range of your polish use.

Don’t Become Dull

We all have looks we’re comfortable with, but too much of the same thing can lead to boredom and uninspired looks. Don’t be afraid to break from routine and always be on the lookout for new polishes to refresh your collection. Break out of a neutral nail rut with a bold color or find other ways to experiment.

Approach shopping for nail polish with the goal of gathering greatness in mind in order to discover and invest in quality polishes that enable you to take advantage of the hottest nail trends or create classic looks. Also look for great nail how to do videos to get an idea of what you should be on the lookout for.

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