This Week’s Fashionable Nail Trends! July 26, 2012

by Nail Schools on July 26, 2012

Bright Purple, Teal and Pink 80s Leopard Nail Art –

I really wanted something simple for today’s manicure, but something happy, too. I’m currently sick as a dog with pneumonia. I was pretty sick last week, then I started to feel better. Then I went shopping for my wedding gown with my mom (!!! so fun !!!) and I had a bit of a relapse and have been trying to claw my way back out since. I’m stuck at home taking long breaks between short bouts of housework and other stuff. I feel pathetic, haha.

Hot Nail Trends for Summer 2012, the liquid metal collections –

Nail art and fashion is the inexpensive way to keep up with trends, and finish your look and make it pop. Unpainted toes and unfinished nails are so depressing; if you haven’t made time for a manicure and pedicure (either yourself or professional), it will totally lift your mood.

Nail Art Splashes Onto the NYC Scene –

Nail art is painting the town this season, with funky colors and designs beating out the single-color look on hands across the city.

Super-Easy Nail Trends –

Think you need a big budget and a ton of time to get a really cool manicure? Think again. Creating some of summer’s coolest nail looks could not be easier… and many of them are DIY friendly. I took some clues from this month’s Glamour magazine story on nail trends and added my own favorites. Here are some super-simple tips from Jensy’s apartment to yours:

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