10 Tips to Healthy and Attractive Nails

by Nail Schools on April 18, 2012

ts-57305822Practically every person out there knows someone who has terrific nails. These nails are long, manicured, and elegant. Unfortunately, when most people look down at their own nails, they look like they belong on the hands of Bob the Builder.

The good news is that anyone can have good-looking nails without having to go to nail technician school. Believe it or not, going to the nail salon every week is not a requirement. By simply following a few easy tips (and by avoiding some common mistakes), having healthy and aesthetically appealing nails is definitely not out of anyone’s reach.

1. One thing to remember is that nail polish, while useful in making nails more attractive, does not need to be worn every day. In fact, it is a good idea to occasionally go without nail polish. This gives the nails the opportunity to breathe.

2. Hand-washing is a great habit that promotes good hygiene. Unfortunately, it also dries out the hands and the nails. Get into the habit of using applying hand cream after washing your hands.

3. When you go out and garden, use some gloves. While it might feel really good to “get dirt under the nails” and feel like you’re part of the land, that same dirt can weaken nails and cause cracking. Believe it or not, you can still be part of the land and wear gloves.

4. When you have a few minutes, go ahead and put some oil on your nails. This oil conditions and helps strength your nails.

5. Rather than peeling off your nail polish, always use a nail polish remover. When you peel the polish off, you also wind up removing microscopic layers of the nail.

6. Make sure that you get plenty of calcium and Vitamin A in your diet. Both of these are important in keeping your nails strong.

7. At least once a month, treat yourself to a professional manicure. By keeping cuticles and nails properly maintained, you will greatly reduce the risk of infections.

8. Keep in mind that your nails are not tools. When you need scissors or a pair of pliers, use those tools, rather than your nails.

9. Avoid biting or chewing on your nails. In addition to possibly getting sick from any germs that are beneath the nails, your nails will become more brittle and possibly even painful.

10. If you need to keep your nails short, make sure that you file your nails, rather than simply cutting them. When you cut your nails, you actually weaken the nails. On the other hand, filing will allow you to reduce the length of your nails without putting undue stress on the nail itself.

There are also a variety of other useful tips that you should consider when trying to make your nails more attractive and healthy.

For one thing, finding the right color can be an important part of showing off your nails. If you have long and slender nails, a deep-toned polish can be extremely attractive. Should your nails be on the shorter side, go with a paler shade.

The right nail length is up to each individual. If you do a lot of housework or computer typing or do anything that requires shorter nails, that’s perfectly acceptable. Even short nails, when they are maintained and properly displayed, can provide a dramatic statement.

If you have large hands, you can wear exotic bracelets on the arm and rings that are wide and ornamental. This will make your hands and nails seem more proportional. On the other hand, if your hands are on the smaller side, you’ll want to go with rings that are delicate and refined, as well as nail polish with a pale tone.

With proper care and manicure techniques, anyone can have nails that are elegant and refined, regardless of their length. By taking just a little bit of time to maintain your nail health, you’ll discover exactly how attractive and glamorous your nails can be.

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