5 Nail Trends You Should Be Doing!

by Nail Schools on May 3, 2012

Nail art has changed dramatically from what it was years ago. These days, more people are deciding to add some variety to the traditional manicure. The ability to use exciting colors and styles lets you create a fabulous new look. By using your self-created designs, your fingernails can show off both your mood and personality.

Five of the hottest trends in nail art are:

Magnetic Nails:

What Are They?: It is a nail polish that contains iron particles to help create a signature design through the power of magnetism.

How To Do It: Begin creating each design by approaching each nail with care. Apply one or two coats of the magnetic polish and allow it to sit for ten seconds. Then, apply the magnet applicator by letting it rest over your nail for around 15 seconds. Your applicator is located within the nail polish cap. Finish off the look with a top coat and you are good to go.

Glittered Tips:

What Are They?: By adding a touch of glitter to your nail tips, you’ll be sure to have the right amount of dazzle for the spring.

How To Do It: After applying your base coat, add on two layers of a light colored polish. To achieve the glitter effect, use polish with bits of glitter or buy loose pigments to dip your nails into. Finally, finish off the look with a top coat. For extra shine, you can add an additional layer to your nail tips.

Gradient Nails:

What Are They?: For people with longer nails, gradient coloring is almost like adding a tie-dye onto your nails.

How To Do It: You can mix up the look with up to four colors or you can choose to keep it simple with only two shades. Begin by applying several layers of the lighter shade of polish. After placing a few drops of your other color choices onto a plate, use a sponge to begin applying the polish to create the gradient effect. Try to remain in order from light to dark. Complete your look with a top coat and some glitter for a 3D style.

Ombre Nails:

What Are They?: A spin on the gradient look, an ombre nail design flows from light to dark across your hand, as opposed to just one finger.

How To Do It: Begin with a base coat. Start with your pinky and apply the lightest color in your selection. Make your way across your hand by applying the next darker shade to each finger until you reach your thumb. Finish it off with a top coat.

Nail Gems or Prints:

What Are They?: Even though these gems can be somewhat complicated, they are able to give your nails a look of depth.

How To Do It: Always begin with a base coat. A pair of tweezers is essential any time you are using small gems or diamonds on your nails; use the tweezers to apply these decorations to your nails. You will need a lot of patience for this task. Seal your nails with a top coat to finish your look.

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