This Week’s Fashionable Nail Trends! July 12, 2012

by Nail Schools on July 12, 2012


I was reading the new issue of Glamour magazine, and came across the lace tip nails! I think their absolutely gorgeous! I haven’t given them a try yet, I’m waiting for the perfect occasion! I love this new trend because it’s perfect for the summer and fall seasons! You can paint your nails neon for summer and then add the lacey tips OR you can paint your nails a brown color and add the lacey tips! Either one looks enviable!

5 summer nail trends you need to try –

The shaded nail manicure has been for a long time my favorite. It’s perfect for summer and it can be done in any color. I’m impatient to try the other manicures!

Gorgeous nail trends to covet this season –

If you’re looking for something different yet not quite into the whole nail art technique, then you might like the accent nail manicure. This is done by painting the ring finger nail with a different shade than the other fingers.


Right now, I have seen so many people sporting the aztec nail trend! I’ve seen neon aztec, metallic aztec, not to mention black & white aztec.

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