Getting to know your nail trends: Mismatched Nails

by Nail Schools on July 14, 2012

Whether you love sparkly nail polish or have a passion for turquoise, you can enjoy all of your favorite nail polishes by wearing multiple shades this summer. Yes, that’s right, this summer’s nail trend incorporates all of your funky nail polish colors to result in a look that is Boho chic.

Walk into any salon, mall or fashion show, and you will notice that women are spicing up their nail routines this summer. The trend is to choose a main color for most of your nails, and then be carefree and choose one or two nails to paint with an accent color. The fun part about this trend is that it does not matter which nail you choose to paint in this accent color.

The other fun part about this trend is that you can choose any colors that entice you. If you love bright orange and silver nail polish, then you can have the best of both worlds. Paint all of your nails as orange, and then you can paint your ring fingers with the silver color. Perhaps you love hot pink and teal. Paint all of your nails with teal as the main color, and then you can paint your pinky nails with hot pink. Mismatched nails are one of the easiest ways to look like a trendy celebrity this summer. Katy Perry and Kylie Minogue are just a couple of the rockstars who are donning the mismatched nail trend this summer.

Other celebrities, like Kim Kardashian, are incorporating multiple trend in this look. Pastel nail colors are another hot trend for the summer. If you really want to jazz up your nail look, then choose two different pastel colors to achieve the mismatched nail look. If you love both yellow nail polish and light blue nail polish, then combine both of these colors for a summer look that is bold and fresh.

Kaley Cuoco, Katy Perry, Lauren Conrad and Kim Kardashian are just a few celebrities who have rocked the mismatched nail trend!

You should just remember to have fun with this trend and not spend too much time looking for the perfect nail colors. This trend is all about having fun with fashion and being a bit care-free. It is summer, so why not go a little crazy and forget the rules? This is your time to explore new trends and have fun with your own life. If you love sparkly nail polish from the 1990s, there is nothing stopping you from painting your nails in this fun color to achieve the mismatched nail trend. You can achieve any look that you desire with this nail trend!

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