Getting To Know Your Nail Polish Collections

by Nail Schools on July 21, 2012

Whether you are a glamorous diva or a babe on a budget, you can find hot nail polish collections that will fit your budget for this summer. Pastels and neon colors are some of the top trends for Summer 2012. You can accentuate your beautiful nails this summer by donning one of these vibrant colors. Whether you want to try having mismatched nails or a french manicure with pastel tips, you can find the right shade for you.

  • Zoya Beach Collection
  • If you want to take advantage of one of the hottest summer trends, then the Zoya Beach Collection has a variety of light and summery colors just for you. From light orange to lime green, the colors in this collection will help you find the perfect color for each sundress you wear this summer. Lara (pink) and Tracy (shimmery green) are two of the most popular colors from this collection. The other four shades in the collection are Arizona (orange), Shelby (hot pink), Reagan (fuschia) and Wednesday (teal). The collection is a bit pricey for all six shades at $48.00, but the price is worth it if you want this summer’s hottest shades.

  • Essie Razzi Collection
  • Essie Razzi CollectionEssie offers a line of nail polish colors that have top quality and are priced for the budget-conscious woman. The best part about Essie nail polish is that it tends to stay on for weeks. The shades in the Essie Razzi Collection are all bright and floral colors for summer. The colors that one can find in this collection are Camera (coral pink), Lights (hot pink), Action (light orange) and Bazooka (dark orange).

  • Dior Summer Collection
  • The Dior Summer Collection has four gorgeous colors that every woman deserves to have in her nail polish collection. If you want to indulge yourself a bit this summer, then why not splurge on all four colors for $23.00 each? The shades have been created to mesh with this summer’s hottest fashion trends. The colors in this collection are Lagoon (blue), Calypso (red), Cosmo (pink) and Acupulco (yellow). You can mix and match these colors on your nails to achieve this summer’s mismatched trend. You can also create the perfect funky manicure by combining Acupulco and Lagoon for a stunning look.

    When you do your nails this summer, lighten up and have fun with fashion. The more fun you have in mixing and matching colors, the better able you will be to achieve this summer’s hottest nail polish trends. Invest in a whole set of colors to try out a variety of nail trends.

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