Channel Your Inter-Rihanna and Use Chains to Excite Your Nail Fashion

by Nail Schools on September 22, 2012

Chain art has become one of the hottest nail trends in the past few years. This trend involves placing small chains on acrylic nails to give an edgier look to nails. You can combine the chain trend with other nail art trends for a great look. If you don’t want to deal with cutting the chains and applying them to your nails, then you may want to hire a manicurist for this special effect. If you do decide to try to achieve this trend on your own, then here are some tips that you can follow.

1. Begin by painting the acrylic nails.

You should begin by painting the acrylic nails in the way that you prefer for your chain design. You can look online for a variety of design templates that look great with the chain design. You can get a rocker chic look with your chain design, or you can get a funky modern look with your chain design. Using stripes with the chains is a popular look right now. The stripes can contrast nicely with the chains and create an interesting effect.

2. Apply top coat.

After you paint the desired design on your acrylic nails, then you will want to apply top coat and allow the nails to dry for a couple minutes.

3. Apply the chain.

You can use a chain that you purchase at craft stores and use kitchen scissors to cut the chain into smaller fragments. Start out in cutting the chain into one-inch segments. Then, you can always cut off any leftover chain on the nail. Make sure that you cut the chain into smaller fragments that can fit onto your acrylic nails. You can use nail glue to drop the glue onto the nail. If you do not care about the placement of the chain, then you can just drape it onto your nail. Or, you can place the chain diagonally across the nail.

4. Clip extra pieces of the chain.

If some of the chain is hanging off to the side of the nail, then you can use scissors or nail clippers to cut it off.

These are the top tips that you can follow to get the chain effect on your nails. The chain look is a very high-fashion look that can add a bit of edge to your everyday style. You could learn this in nail schools or even try something new and be sure to have fun with this look!

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