Learn How to Splatter Paint Your Nails

by Nail Schools on September 1, 2012

Splatter paint nails is one of the hot trends of this summer. If you feel the urge to complete mini works of art on your nails, then you can easily splatter paint your own nails. By the time you are finished, it will look like you have mini Jackson Pollock murals on your nails! Here are the tips that you should remember as you begin to splatter paint your nails.

1. Gather five of your brightest colors.

The splatter look for nails is best when it is used with bright colors. If you have neon nail polishes, then gather these colors and use them on your nails. You don’t have to use neon colors to get a great look though. If you have pastel colors, then you can get an equally trendy look with these colors too. Try wearing colors like lilac, soft pink, aqua and mint green for a unique look!

2. Place thinner in a small bowl.

You will need to use water or nail polish thinner to get the colors ready for application on your nails. Thinner will make the nail polishes less opaque and easier to splatter on your nails. Before you begin to splatter your nails, place a small amount of thinner in a bowl.

Pollock was nicknamed Jack the Dripper because he literally dripped paint onto his canvas to create unique, intricate pieces.

3. Place scotch tape around the nail.

You will then carefully tape the edges around your nail. You do not want to have splatter paint get onto the area surrounding your nail. After you are finished painting your nails, then you can remove the tape surrounding your nails.

4. Apply a white coat of polish to nails.

The next step is to apply a white coat of nail polish to your nails. This will contrast nicely with the neon colors that you splatter onto your nails.

5. Start splattering away!

To start splattering, dip a nail polish brush into the thinner. Then, mix in a small amount of a nail polish color. All you have to do is then begin tapping the brush onto your nail. This will create the splatter effect.

6. Apply top coat.

Lastly, make sure that you apply top coat to your nails. Top coat will help all of the polish to dry.

When you want to splatter paint your nails, these are the best tips that you can follow to ensure your nails look amazing. In no time, your nails will look fabulous with this fun trend!

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