How to Use Nail Wraps Like A Pro

by Nail Schools on August 18, 2012

nail wrapsEver since Rihanna was spotted wearing yellow smiley faces on her nails, women everywhere want to know how they can personalize their look. Rihanna is always able to express exactly what she is thinking through her style. You too can express your moods and feelings through your personal sense of style. You don’t have to go all out like Rihanna, but it can be easy for you to use nail wraps to emulate her fun nail look. Here is a tutorial on how you can use nail wraps to create your next look.

1. Go to the local drugstore or beauty supply store to buy nail wraps.

You can go to the local drugstore and peruse the selection of nail wraps that are available for you. The local drugstore likely has a wide selection of nail wraps that you can choose to purchase. Major nail companies like Sally Hansen have recently released entire lines of nail products devoted to nail wraps. Whether you want to wear a french manicure design or smiley faces like Rihanna, you can find nail wraps that suit your style and needs.

2. Read the directions.

Nail wraps are essentially small stickers that you place on the nails. Before you apply these small stickers to your nails, make sure that you read the directions. You may need to apply adhesive to the wrap before you apply it to your nail. Most nail wraps already have an adhesive on the back of them. This means that you can just peel off the backing and apply it directly to your nail!

Wraps are pieces of silk, linen or fibreglass that have been cut to a desired shape and glued to the nail plate. This adds strength, and sometimes length, to the nail.

3. Apply the wraps to your nails.

When you apply the wraps to your nails, make sure that you smooth out the wrap on your nail. Make sure that there are no creases in the wrap on your nail. If there are creases in the wrap, then it will be easier for the wrap to come off of your nail.

4. Apply a top coat.

After you have applied the nail wraps to all of your nails, your next step is to apply a top coat to the nails. Make sure that you apply a strong and thick top coat. You want to ensure that your nail wraps will be protected for as long as possible.

Using nail wraps can ensure that you achieve a fun and stylish look. Nail wraps can provide you with a creative way to express your personality through nail art!

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