How To Do Ombre Nail Art

by Nail Schools on June 19, 2012

The ombre trend is one of those trends that has heads turning and wondering, “How do I do that?” The ombre nail style is easier to achieve than may appear at first glance. When you learn how to master this new form of nail art, your friends will be green with envy and want to know your secret to achieving such great style.

For hair styles, the ombre has been becoming increasingly popular in the past few months. Take a look at Khloe Kardashian’s latest hair style, and you will see how her dark roots seem to magically lighten to the tips of her hair. Have no fear, you do not need to spend hours perfecting hair styling to weave the ombre into your look. By learning how to do your nails with the ombre trend, you can easily become a trend-setter.

First, pick out two nail polish colors that you like together. Pastels are a good choice, because they can easily be contrasted and have a funky look. Pastel nail colors like lilac and light green look great together. Other hues that look good together are pink and orange, as well as yellow and light blue.

You will also need to gather some tools to complete the ombre look. In addition to your two nail polish colors, you will also need nail polish remover, small sponge, a clear topcoat and toothpicks. You will also need a paper plate or plastic for mixing the colors to achieve the ombre effect.

The next step in achieving the ombre look is painting your nail with the lightest shade that you have chosen. Allow this color to dry for a few minutes. While you are waiting for the polish to dry, make a mixture of the two colors. Pour some of each color onto the paper plate and create a gradation that is between the two. Use the toothpick for creating the mixture.

After you have created the mixture, your next step is to apply the mixture to your nails with a sponge. Be careful as you apply the mixture to your nails. You may want to use a slow rubbing motion to apply it to your nails to get a subtle look. Otherwise, you may end up with a stark contrast between the two colors. You want to avoid achieving a look where one color is blatantly contrasted against the other color.

If you are having trouble getting the ombre effect on your own, you can go to your local nail salon and have a nail technician complete this look for you. The professionals at nail salons are trained to be able to help you achieve the latest trends for your nails.

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