Get To Know Your Nail Trends: 3D Nails

by Nail Schools on September 15, 2012

Trends in fashion, beauty and makeup are constantly changing. Advancements in technology have changed the way people look at fashion and beauty. Some of these trends are daring, bold and totally creative. This year appears to have been all about nails. You probably noticed bolder hues of polish, textured lacquers and even glossy coats of paint infused with real metals.

One if the latest trends in nailwear is 3D nails. Yes, that is correct… 3D nails. This trend is no longer just for the big screen. In fact, 3D nails do not require you to wear a pair of crazy classes to experience the effect.

So what exactly are three=dimensional nails? These are nails that feature a component that gives the nails a look that does not consist of just a flat color or texture. Instead, this type of nail has an element or several elements that protrude from the nail.

The options are endless with 3-D nails, but what is important is that you stay within your comfort zone. If a pattern seems a little too bizarre for you, it is fine to stay away from it. However, there are various 3-D nail looks that allow you to sport the trend without being too over-the-top or wearing a set of nails that are uncomfortable and interfere with your daily routine.

Massaging your finger tips will stimulate nail growth. So does typing on a keyboard.

One option that is simple, sophisticated and will not stand out too much is applying or having a manicurist apply gemstones or crystals to the entire nail. This bejeweled look can give you a look that is 3-D, sparkly and may possibly go with any outfit depending on the color of crystals that you use.

You can decide a particular theme for your nails, as well. For instance, maybe you want to feature 3-D Hawaiian flowers on your fingers in count of summer. Or, maybe you would rather set your fingertips off with 3-D decals featuring fruits like apples, watermelon, limes and bananas. You may also want to try the bubble look, which features raised bumps on your nails of a particular color that resemble bubbles. You can try doing bubbles in the same color only of a different shade, or you can opt to mix colors. Do not hesitate to get creative with this trend because style is all about taking risks and being bold!

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